To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses all across the nation are trying to do more with less. Improving efficiencies through workforce development solutions has become essential part of the new corporate strategy.

Whether you require new talent with specialized skill sets or your current workforce needs training in the latest tools and technologies, MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS’s Workforce Development Partner Program is the solution. By joining our established network of partners, you gain access to highly skilled IT professionals with knowledge of and expertise in the latest IT tools and technologies. All of our candidates have gone through our intensive workforce development training program with flying colors and are fully qualified to starting work on day one.

As a member of our Partner Program, your organization can realize significant benefits, including increased revenue, improved productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, and reduced cycle time. You can also play a crucial role in helping unemployed Americans find good jobs and advance their careers.



  • High Quality IT Workforce. Our customized training programs, technology expertise and proprietary processes ensure you get the right IT professionals with the right skills to meet your specific needs.
  • Minimal Ramp-up Time. It only takes four to six weeks from candidate selection through advanced IT training to job placement.
  • Maximum ROI. Your newly trained IT workforce is up and running on day one, maximizing your return on investment.
  • Guaranteed Success. Not only do we provide six months of on-the-job support for every candidate we place, we also back up our placements with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



We begin our process with a skills inventory and gap analysis of your workforce, identifying the staff skills available to you and the market skills required. We also conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether a training program makes sense for your organization. When we can demonstrate a significant return on your investment, we move forward with program recommendations.

MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS can tailor existing training programs or create a customized new program to meet your specific requirements and goals. In either case, we design our programs to be highly effective and efficient. Depending on your needs, your program may involve consulting, training audits, assessments, design and development of course curriculum, evaluation and certification.

Once we have developed the right training program for your workforce, we begin the implementation process. To identify the right candidates for training, we conduct a one day workshop to identify the right resources. Then we hold one-on-one interviews to select the best candidates.

After several weeks of intensive technical training, candidates have time to work on their soft skills, such as communication and team building. Candidates also spend a week on real time project integration and a week on interview preparation.

Finally, we mentor the candidates for a full six months. Backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we monitor quality control every step of the way. This process allows trainees to comfortably assimilate in their respective roles on the client side as highly technical and qualified software developers.