Workforce Development


America’s uncertain economy presents numerous how brutus is a tragic hero challenges for our country. How can local governments tackle the issue of unemployment effectively? How can unemployed U.S. citizens increase their marketability and find rewarding employment? How can businesses find high quality IT professionals who can effectively apply new technologies to give them the competitive edge?

As a recognized authority in workforce development, MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS understands the critical challenges of today’s competitive marketplace and how to best solve them. We provide innovative and revolutionary Workforce Development Solutions (WDS) to local governments, individuals and corporations who want to maximize their training investments to reach their goals.


Preparing and placing unemployed Americans for the right IT jobs at the right organizations is not just our goal, itís our passion.  That is why about 90% or more of our trainees are hired almost immediately upon completing our high-quality training programs.

Our formula for success begins by aligning high quality resources with the needs of an organization. Using best-in-class operational processes, proprietary training methods and proven strategies, we tap into the full potential of our talent and link classroom training with real job scenarios.

Our specialized curriculum focuses on the latest tools and advanced technologies to ensure our graduates can solve the toughest IT challenges today and tomorrow. We also emphasize the development of interpersonal skills, team building and leadership to ensure our highly skilled developers and programmers have the proper communication and management skills to guide even the most complex IT projects with confidence.

MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS in workforce development training has been honed, tested and proven with numerous clients. Driven by our client’s successes, we continue to invest and innovate so that we remain at the forefront of workforce development training for years to come.