Does the workforce in your community lack the skills necessary to compete in today’s marketplace? You’re not alone. Many local governments are seeking training solutions to help them bridge the gap between skills needed in the marketplace and skills possessed by U.S. citizens.

Leveraging our vast experience in managing high quality IT workforce for Fortune 100 clients, MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS excels at helping local governments develop tailored, cost-effective solutions to counter unemployment in their communities. We offer a complete lifecycle of workforce development services, from market research to job oriented training programs to placement and on-the-job support.

Focused on advanced IT technologies for unemployed Americans, our well-received training programs for unemployed are offered at a low-cost to the trainee. They are designed to put your constituents back to work, help you conserve your unemployment budgets and generate revenue for your workforce investment boards.


We begin our process with a market analysis of the workforce in your local area. We also conduct a cost-benefit analysis to show how implementing our training program makes sense for your local government and community.

MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS can tailor existing training programs for unemployed or create new customized programs to meet your specific requirements and goals. In either case, we design them to be highly effective and efficient. Depending on your needs, your solution may involve consulting, training audits, assessments, design and development of course curriculum, evaluation and certification.

Once we have developed the right job oriented training for your needs, we begin the implementation process. MODAJ PRO IT SOLUTIONS holds a one day workshop to brief U.S. citizens about the program and conducts one-on-one interviews to recruit a strong pool of candidates.

After intensive technical training, our trainees have time to work on their soft skills, such as communication and team building, while preparing their resumes. Trainees also spend a week on real time project integration and a week on interview preparation.

Due to our successful Partner Program, we are able to place trainees in relatively high-paying professional entry level IT jobs within a short period of time—typically two to four weeks. In addition, we mentor those hired for a full six months, monitoring quality control every step of the way. Our process allows new hires to comfortably assimilate in their respective roles on the client side as highly technical and qualified software developers.



  • Gap analysis (skills available vs. skills needed in specific markets)
  • Suggest the right programs
  • Cost benefit analysis

Training Implementation

  • Identify the right candidates for training
  • Conduct a one day workshop for potential candidates to brief them about program
  • Conduct one-to-one interviews to select the candidates
  • Conduct the technical training Online from the comfort of your home
  • Work on soft skills and resume preparation simultaneously
  • Real time project integration for a week
  • Prepare for interviews for two weeks
  • Mentor the candidates for 6 months
  • Quality control at every step